SmartWatch Roundup



Which smart watch is best for you?  Here is a quick breakdown.


Pebble Steel


Best Smartwatch Overall

With an all-metal construction and gorilla glass display, the high-end Pebble Steel is far more sophisticated than the original. Available in brushed stainless or matte black, consumers also have the option of a classy leather or metal band. 


LG G Watch R

Best Android Wear Watch

The best device for Google’s smartwatch platform, the LG G Watch R combines a sharp screen, long battery life and wrist-friendly design. At 1.3 inches, the round watch fits comfortably on the skinniest arms while providing a higher resolution and pixel density (320 x 320, 348 PPI) than the Moto 360 (320 x 290, 239 PPI), along with two full days of battery life. 



Apple Watch

Most Anticipated Smartwatch

While late to the game, Apple looks to redefine the smartwatch category with its own wearable. The Apple Watch (starting at $349) is one of the more attractive timepieces, comes in two sizes, and can be configured with four different cases and six different bands, making it the most customizable smartwatch yet.


Moto 360

Best Smartwatch Design

One of the main problems with smartwatches is that they look too, well, smartwatch-y. The Moto 360 solves that aesthetic issue with a slick circular stainless steel design that houses a 320 x 290-pixel display. Powered by Google’s Android Wear operating system, the Moto 360 supports Google voice commands, shows Google Now alerts and provides notifications from your phone.



Samsung Gear 2

Best Smartwatch with Voice

If he were a real person, you could actually call Dick Tracy from your wrist using the Samsung Gear 2. Featuring a built-in microphone and speaker, the Gear 2 not only allows you to make and receive calls while keeping your phone in your pocket, but also lets you use Samsung’s S Voice to look up such things as weather and contacts. Other features include a built-in heart rate monitor and integrated camera.



Samsung Gear Fit

Best Smartwatch for Fitness

Featuring a gorgeous curved AMOLED display, this smartwatch does a lot more than show notifications from email and Facebook. Its built-in heart rate monitor can help you get more out of your workouts. 




Best Budget Smartwatch

For those on a budget, Pebble’s first smartwatch does everything the Steel does for $100 less. You won’t get a metal design, but you’ll be able to choose from five colors (Black, Grey, Orange, White and Red) and enjoy a water-resistant design.


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