19 things successful people don’t do.

Successful people lead their lives on purpose with uplifting truths, empowering habits, and strong principles. Their life of success is a direct result of their conscious choices and healthy habits.

Here are 20 habits people unintentionally pick up, that successful people make it a point to consciously avoid.


1. They Don’t Define Success With Money.

Most successful people define their success with happiness, inner peace, and positive contributions – more than money. Being financially secure certainly can help open opportunities, relieve stress, and offer some piece of mind. But successful people realize that all the money in the world cannot make you happy if you are unable to feel happiness from within.

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2. They Don’t Start Their Day Without a Purpose or a Plan.

Not only do successful people have crystal clear short and long-term goals, they also know exactly what they must accomplish each day to feel fulfilled as well as bring them closer to their goals. They also take full advantage of the “Golden Hour” which is the first hour after you wake up in the morning. What you do mentally, physically, and spiritually during this first hour, sets the tone for the entire day.


3. They Don’t Set Perfection as a Goal.

Successful people practice progress over perfection. The danger in focusing on perfection is, you become so consumed in finding imperfections to fix, you will have little or nothing to show for in the end except unfinished, imperfect work. By understanding it’s not about achieving one perfect goal, but the skills you develop from reaching several goals, you allow yourself to make constant improvements while living a life of accomplishments you can learn from and be proud of.



4. They Don’t Surround Themselves With Negative People.

There is energy in everything, and that includes human beings. As such, it’s fairly easy to absorb negative energy when you are around toxic people who are always complaining, procrastinating, and making excuses. Instead, successful people surround themselves with other positive and proactive people who inspire them to achieve great things and live full out.


5. They Don’t Focus on the Negatives.

Successful people don’t entertain self-defeating negative thoughts. When faced with difficulties, they’re quick to identify the benefits from the experience and remind themselves they’ve successfully overcome many hurdles before, so they can certainly overcome it again. Successful people don’t focus on what “could” go wrong, but on what they must do to succeed, as well as the lessons they will gain from the experience to help improve their lives.



6. They Don’t Dwell on Failures.

Successful people accept that failure is an essential part of growth. They look at these bumps as opportunities to learn, grow, and become even better for an even bigger win ahead! They know that no matter how many times you’re knocked down, as long as you get right back up and use your new strength and knowledge to improve, you haven’t really failed.


7. They Don’t Dwell in Problems

When you focus on the problems you’re facing, your behavior agrees with the resulting stress, hindering your progress while bringing on even more problems. However, focusing on actions to better your current situation produce clarity and positive thoughts, opening you to the possibilities of new solutions. Successful people don’t dwell on problems. They quickly process any negative feelings and move on, because they know they’re most effective when they focus on solutions.


8. They Don’t Concern Themselves With How Others Judge Them.

Successful people do not base their worth on how others think of them because they’ve set their own values, goals, and principles without having to depend on anyone to validate them. Everyone sees through eyes of personal life experience and individual interpretation. As such, successful people understand that when someone makes a judgement about you or your life, it doesn’t make it a reality unless you agree with it.



9. They Don’t Make Excuses.

Successful people are proactive – they get things done. While they realize outside forces may interrupt their flow, successful people take full responsibility for the attitude they choose in situations over which they have no control. They look forward to the pleasure and benefits of accomplishing their daily tasks and life goals and they do whatever it takes to avoid the pain of falling through and giving up success.


10. They Don’t Get Jealous Over Other People’s Victories.

Successful people believe that there is enough supply of “wins” for everyone. They know that the more successful and happy people there are on our planet, the stronger, more positive energy our world will be filled with. If another person succeeds at something they have not yet been able to achieve, successful people show gratitude for their win because it can now serve as added motivation for them to reach that goal as well!



11. They Don’t Take Their Loved Ones for Granted.

Successful people agree that work is important, but never as important as experiencing life with the people you love most. Success starts from within, so make time to give your undivided attention to those who mean most to you – including yourself!


12. They Don’t Underestimate the Power of Fun.

What’s the point of all the hustle if you’re always left feeling exhausted and frustrated? Successful people know how to relax and have fun. They know the importance of taking breaks to recharge their batteries by enjoying all that they have in their life right now.



13. They Don’t Neglect Their Health.

With good health comes the freedom and energy to fully enjoy one’s life. Successful people are aware that unless they’re mentally, physically, and emotionally healthy, they cannot perform at their very best when serving those who count on them.


14. They Don’t Set Blurry Goals

Successful people set clear, specific, and measurable goals. Knowing exactly what you want to achieve keeps you motivated until you get there, and crafting a clear plan of action helps declutter your thoughts and relieve some stress as you move towards the results you want. Having clear goals and actions also allows you to measure how far you’ve come and how much more you have to go, so you’re not left wondering when you’re supposed to begin seeing some results.


15. They Don’t Make Flimsy Decisions

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Successful people decide what they want, then burn the boat. Once they make a decision, they set their minds to do whatever it takes to make it happen. This habit also helps build confidence in a person by proving to themselves that they’re dependable and have the ability and drive to make things happen just as they said they would.


16. They Don’t Allow Themselves To Be Victimized

When affected by someone else’s poor choices, successful people quickly process any negative thoughts and feelings, then choose to free themselves from the damaging energy by forgiving and letting go. They place a high importance to their right to happiness and inner peace, and understand they have complete control of their thoughts and actions, and ultimately responsible for their own happiness and victories.


17. They Don’t Live in the Past

Successful people realize the past has already happened and that moment no longer exist. If you keep dwelling in what was, you will be unable to fully be present for what is, thus negatively affecting what’s to come. If you suffered in the past, try to recognize that you are here today, and you are OK. Your past does not define you or limit what is possible for you to achieve from this moment on. Practice your freedom and power to proactively design a better future that you so deserve.



18. They Don’t Resist Change

Plans, strategies or tactics might change, but instead of getting upset and frustrated, successful people quickly shift paths because they know there is more than one way to reach their goal.


19. They Don’t Stop Learning

Successful people have mentors or coaches to inspire and motivate them when challenged, and keep them accountable to their decisions and goals. They are always learning and keep themselves open to making improvements in themselves and their lives.



10 of the tastiest hand made hot sauces



With Roasted Habaneros, Arbol Chiles, and a pinch of Smoked Paprika and Cardamom

Screen shot 2014-01-13 at 9.43.56 PM   

NW ELIXER’s Hott Sauce #1 is made with roasted habenero peppers and dry arbolo chiles combined with just the right amount of Northwest honey and southern spices, create the ideal balance of sweet, smoky and spicy. It’s the ideal sauce for absolutely anything.  



Naga Jolokia with Meyer Lemon, Fresh Sage, and Honey


Pretty Dog’s Naga Jolokia sauce is one of the most unique sauces we have encountered. It has a fiery hot kick and a rich smokey flavor with subtle sweetness provided by the honey. The Meyer lemon adds a brightness to the sauce and the sage compliments the unique ghost pepper flavor. This sauce does not sacrifice flavor for heat!




Habanero Hot Sauce with Mustard, Carrots, and Roasted Tomatoes


Secret Aardvark has developed quite the cult following, and for good reason. This sauce is an incredibly well balanced and tasty take on a Caribbean style sauce. The carrots and tomatoes give it sweetness and the habaneros add a good amount of heat. This sauce is good on everything!




1498 Cauterizer, with Blueberries and Apricot Preserves


1498 Cauterizer contains Trinidad Scorpion peppers (one of the hottest in the world), along with blueberries, apricot preserves, soy sauce, honey, and carrots, with a pinch of ginger and white pepper. It might sound strange, but it’s amazing. The sweetness of the fruit and honey balance out the extreme heat of the Scorpion peppers. The flavor of the peppers really shine through. Too hot for you? Heartbreaking Dawn’s also makes a slightly milder 1498 sauce with almost the same ingredients, but with some Scotch Bonnet peppers replacing a portion of the scorpion peppers.




5. SAUCEE  No 3. Kale

With Kale, Basil, Habaneros and Yellow Bell Peppers


Thats right, Kale hot sauce! It’s not as strange as it sounds. The basil flavor comes through stronger than the flavor of the kale, making this sauce taste like pesto with an extra dose of antioxidants! Also check out Saucee’s other unique flavors, like FlaxTurmeric, and Capsaicin.




Grapes of Wrath with Cabernet and Pickled Red Cabbage



Grapes of Wrath is a unique blend of Trinidad Scorpion peppers, red wine, holiday spices and pickled cabbage. This limited edition sauce is perfect for the holidays!




Chipotle Chile Sauce with Goji Berries, Agave, and Raw Cacao

Screen shot 2014-01-13 at 6.47.06 PM

Chicaoji is made with Goji berries, cacao nibs, chipotles, agave nectar, Celtic Sea Salt, and unfiltered apple cider vinegar with the “Mother of Vinegar”. This is a super healthy sauce with a mild heat level.



Island Style with Pineapples, Guavas, and Bananas



Humboldt Hot Sauce’s Island Style is a fruity sauce wit pineapples, guavas, bananas, mangos, a touch of ginger and garlic. Habaneros give it a medium-hot kick. This sauce goes especially great with Indian and Caribbean food.




Black Label with Trinidad Scorpions, Figs, and Apples



Lucky Dog makes a bunch of really tasty sauces. You can always count on them being rich, well balanced sauces with plenty of garlic. The Black Label is the hottest of the Lucky Dog family, with Trinidad Scorpion peppers and Ghost Pepper infused sea salt. The heat is balanced with organic apple sauce and California Black Mission figs. While this may not be the hottest sauce in the “superhot” category, it certainly is one of the tastiest!




San Patricio with Roasted Pablanos and Granny Smith Apples



Bravado Spice, based in Houston, TX,  makes some really good hot sauce. TheirSan Patricio is a tangy blend of roasted pablanos, jalapenos, and Granny Smith apples. The apples add a nice level of sweetness without being overpowering, and the jalapenos and pablanos provide a mild-medium heat level. Also check out their hotter Habanero Pineapple sauce.


Iphone Survival Test with Top 5 rugged Iphone 6 cases

Ouch, These iPhone 6 drop test are painful

After watching all that abuse, you may want to consider one of these cases.

1. OtterBox Defender

triple-layered and is designed to protect your device against “bumps, drops, and scrapes”.

OtterBox Defender - $69.90


2. Griffin Survivor All-Terrain

meets the MIL-STD-810G ruggedness standard issued by the US’ Department of Defense.

Griffin Survivor All-Terrain - $49.99



3. Pelican ProGear™ Voyager

multiple layers of protective polycarbonate PU rubber coatings, which encase your device and will shield it from accidental falls.

Pelican ProGear™ Voyager - $50 (AT&T exclusive)



4. Case-Mate Tough Case

slim design, two-piece, dual-layered case, which comes with a cushioned impact-resistant shell.

Case-Mate Tough Case - $30



5. Spigen iPhone 6 Case Tough Armor

Tough Armor case would probably appeal to those who are looking for better protection

Spigen iPhone 6 Case Tough Armor - $34.99



6. Ballistic Hard Core

This case provides protection against drops from up to 12ft and has extremely reinforced corner bumpers.

Ballistic Hard Core - $59.99